A Night on the Town

Mark and I were invited to attend a "black tie" affair for New York Life this weekend.  I had no idea what I was going to do about a dress, so I went to my parent's and tried on every prom dress she had in her closet.  I finally decided to pour myself into my prom dress from my senior year.  Mark rented a tux and we were off to the Plaza for a night of food, drinks, and dancing.  Needless to say, I wore my sweat pants to the hotel, and then changed into my dress in the back seat while parked in the parking garage.  It was a nice evening, but we were both glad to be home.

Buddy-boy's 1st Boo-boo

Today Liam hit his face on the door hinge in he and Ella's room, not once, but TWICE!!  Poor kid.  He cried for about two seconds and then he was off to the next adventure.  In case you're wondering how this could have happened... he was standing at the door (which was closed) and when he let go to sit down he leaned forward and met his match a.k.a. the door hinge.  He will heal and all that will remain are these pics.

AMAZING product!!

I can't stand cleaning windows, especially when they get finger smeared 5 seconds after I've cleaned them.  This product is so amazing that I don't mind cleaning windows now.  It doesn't leave streaks, and I don't need any other cleaning products!!  So.... it's a time saving, window cleaning, money saving machine!  Go buy one for yourself!!!  Thank you, Aunt Marilyn!

Be Quiet!!! Sleeping babies!!!

Okay, how excited can one girl be to get her basement finished???  Super excited!  I have been waiting ever since Liam was born to be able to have my kiddos sleep in their own bedrooms, not share one together.  Finally, it is happening!  And the angels rejoice.  The only problem is that there is a lot of banging, drilling, and loud secular music that goes on during the whole process.  I know it will be worth the struggle when we get there, but in the meantime I am going to boil inside when I hear every last noise from the dark domain.  I will post pics when the project is complete. 

Winter Wonderland

A girl knows how to get what she wants!

For example, Ella saw snow outside and was so excited to go play. Snow sledding is part of daddy's job, so I had her call him at work. I think he received several calls from sweet Ella informing him that he was to come home and take her sledding. When he finally came home she was in heaven out in the "white stuff." Liam even got in on the action. :) When Ella had her fill of the cold, mommy made her some hot chocolate to warm up her bones.

Liam is 10 months!

Today my baby is ten months. I can't believe he is edging closer to his big first birthday. Liam crawls, pulls up, and walks along furniture. He is tipping the scales at a whopping 24 lbs. Mommy's arms should have some serious tone to them lugging him around all day, but I don't think they do. :) He is such a mommy's boy. I'm working on breaking him of that... but, I don't think I'm doing a very good job. It is so sweet to watch him play with his sister, Isabella. I have waited a long time to watch my kiddos play together. Thank you God for my babies!