Valentine's Cake Pop Garden

Mark and I are getting together with some friends tomorrow night for some fun and games.  We are each to bring an appetizer/snack.  I decided to make these yummy (and cute) cake pops.  They are red velvet cake (red for v-day) shaped like hearts and coated with pink chocolate melts and sprinkles.  I think they are super cute.  I also think I might be making some more for those of you who are planning to be at Liam's b-day.  Yummy!

Stirring up the crazy

We have been cooped up inside for DAYS!!!  Liam just sucks his thumb and fusses until he's snuggled up in mommy's arms, while Ella needs a little more entertainment.  My mom brought over an easel  for her to create art projects on.  She did a lot of drawing and painting.  I have her on the other side of the baby gate so "you-know-who" can't get to the crafting utensils.  That would push mommy over the edge! 

Is it Spring yet?  
FYI: That is a bruise on Ella's head... I guess she needed a night light in her room to keep her from running into furniture in the dark.

Get your craft on!

So, I've been trying to get my crafty juices a'flowing... and here it is- a wreath (I'm sure that punctuation is all wrong).  I even made a pink-ish one for a special little girl's room.  I plan on making a tea colored wreath for the great room.  Yipee!  I also plan on adding a spectacular ribbon.  Woo-hoo!!!  I'm doing a lot of "plannin'."  There has even been some painting projects completed, and some still to come.  I'm furnishing my home with what I've got- THRIFTY!