Liam's 1st Birthday

We celebrated my lil' man's 1st birthday this weekend.  It was "A Day at the Farm."
We had all our closest family and friends over to help us love on our lil' man for this very special occasion. 

 He got woke up when the guests arrived.  He was a little disoriented. 

I made these cake pops to honor Grandpa Tommy.  We miss him dearly.  Liam is Tommy's first grandson, so Grandpa would have been so excited to have a side kick on the tractor with him.  

This was the food table.  We had pulled pork, chips, slaw, eggs, and a salty/sugar mix. 

I did a 'memory tree' with pics from his first year.  So sweet to see how he's grown. 

 The favors were farm animal paperbag puppets and animal stamps.

The cake... the cookies... the delicious-ness that is SUGAR!

Ummm... to say he 'likes' cake would be an understatement.  :)

Grandpa in his farmin' gear.

It was a great day!

Cooped Up

This winter has been long for us.  We've all been sick this last month, and the cold weather seems to just be hanging around.  We actually haven't left the house the last 3 weeks unless it was to a doctor's appt.  This is what keeps us occupied when we can't go out. 

Poor Buddy Boy... soooo sick.  Look at those red eyes. :(
But, he does look like a stallion in those racecar jammies. 

Liam's Dedicaton

I know it's been a REALLY long time since I've posted something, but life has been crazy around here.  We have been super sick for about 3 1/2 weeks, finishing our basement, and planning a 1 year old's party.  This Sunday Mark and I had Liam's dedication.  This is our way of committing to raising Liam according to God's Will and plan.  Here are some pics from that event.  There will be some b-day pics posted soon.  :)

He was laughing at all the camera flashes.

What in the world is everyone looking at???
I have a very full diaper... or else a very big wedgie!