Easter is always an amazing day.  We reflect on what the holiday REALLY means.  I found myself thankful for all Jesus has done for us.  This was one busy weekend for the Lord of all Creation. 

So here is the best family picture we could muster up.  I was sweating by the time this shot was taken.  I set up my camera on Liam's high-chair with Liam's "bedtime bear" sitting by the camera.  I would set the timer and run in 4 inch heels back to the door, pick up Ella, and ask Liam, "Where's Bedtime Bear?"  We took a million pics, but it was worth it because we did manage to get one that was half way descent. 

This is Liam looking through his first Easter basket.  My kids get goodies from so many people.  Lucky ducks... I know my Easter baskets were never this full. :)

Here he is shaking his Elmo Easter egg.

This is our attempt at getting a sibling picture.  I'll take what I can get.  :)

I hope you had an amazing Easter weekend. 

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