"Quick" Spring Break

Mark and I hosted a "Family Fun Day" this weekend.  I had so much fun hanging out with all my fam.  The kids made stained-glass Easter eggs, Easter egg shape pizzas, did an Easter egg hunt, and Jax and Ella painted Easter stained-glass window hangers.  We ate brunch and played games.  Before I knew it the clock said it was time for bed. 
These pics a of the kids making their paper stained glass eggs.

Ella drew her "egg" shape and I cut it for her.  That's a pretty good lookin' egg if I do say so myself. 

 Next was the actual egg dying activity.  It wouldn't be Easter without the dying of the eggs.
My mom helped out with this project.

Anytime Ella can help out in the kitchen, she jumps at the chance.  Here she is making her "egg" pizza. 

 The eggs were filled with gummy worms.  I think Daddy ate most of Ella's... oh, well.  :)

After bath time, Ella and Jax painted their own stained-glass. 

It was a fun day and makes me realize why we make a point to get together.  I love family time more than anything!  I am also very grateful for Jesus who made the ultimate sacrifice for us all.  Without that, my job as a parent would be in vain.  I love you, Jesus!

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