Spring is Here!

We have been enjoying this awesome weather this weekend.  The park was our first stop on Saturday evening.  Mark made it home and off we went. 

Ella loves this big, fast slide that is waaayyyy tall!  I was a little nervous about letting her go down by herself, but I thought I needed to let her try.  She got to slide 3 times before Daddy saw I wasn't assisting her and put his foot down.  Boring Daddy!!!

She slid so fast that she flew off the end every time.  She loved it!!!  Now I won't be able to keep her off of it when we go there again.  I can't wait to go on our first walk of the season.  Last year Liam was so little he slept the entire time.  I think he will really like going on stroller walks.  Yeah, for Spring!

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