Bedroom Switch-a-roo

I was in need of some change.  Change that was cheap and quick... alas, I had the hubs help me rearrange our master bedroom.  These are the 'before' pics of the lovely mess that he continues to add to on a minute-by-minute basis.  I am serious.  He has always been such a neat freak, and now it's all gone down the drain.  He works so much that there isn't much time for him to pick up his stuff.  And, since I pick up after two kids... I'm not going to be his maid as well (don't judge).  Anyhoo, I had to do something so company that walked in our bedroom door didn't see his mess first thing. 
fyi.  my side is spic-n-span.  :)

That is our messy room.  The wall color photographs much darker than it really is.  I want to change it in the next year or so, but I haven't told Mark that yet. :)  I am not quite finished with the switch-a-roo, so I will post 'after' pics later. 

PS.  See how boring our room is???  There isn't one thing on the wall besides the vinyl, which I removed during the rearranging session.  It's embarrassing that we've lived here for 3 years and the walls are still bare.  Maybe that has something to do with my husband not wanting me to poke holes in the walls.  hmmm...


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