Mother's Day at the Ballfield

Mother's Day is one of my favorite "holidays" because it is honoring a job that is most important me.  I absolutely love being a mommy and there are times that I think I could be Michelle Duggar and just keep having babies.  I don't think Mark shares the feeling. :) 
We went to church, came home and ate lunch, and headed for the baseball field.  We got tickets for the grass and watched the kids run up and down the field.  Liam had a little trouble getting his balance.  He kept rolling and then couldn't get back up.  Frustrated little guy...

As you can see... it was a little super windy.  I tried to get a pic of me and the man that gave me my babies, but my arm isn't long enough.

I convinced Mark that I needed a pic of me and my kids on Mother's Day.  They aren't both looking at the camera, but I'll take what I can get.

We had a lot of fun hanging out with each other and Mark's family.  Good times.

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