Gardening- Phase II

Our garden is doing pretty good.  Ella has been going down and looking at the plants with me to see what is happening.  It has been a really good learning experience for us both.  She loves telling daddy, gammy, grandma, and whoever will listen just what we have growing in the garden. 
I just finished weeding and watering the plants in the pictures below.  The plants have some growth and the veggies are starting to really come alive.  Below is our row of squash plants (only one cucumber survived).  They are growing yellow flowers right now and will soon develop into veggies.

The next photos are our tomato plants.  I planted 4 salsa plants and 10 regular tomato plants.

The green bell peppers just started to really pop out this last week.  I am so excited to eat our home grown produce!!

The garden doesn't look like much here, but compared to how it started... I'd say we're doing pretty good.

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