Memorial Day

We have seemed to have made a family tradition without meaning to make a family tradition.  Ever since Tommy (Mark's Dad) has passed, we have always gotten together as a family on Memorial Day.  I think it is a great tradition for us to consider permanent.  Anyhoo, the tradition consists of BBQ, playing outside, and visiting the cemetary with the kiddos. 

Mark, Liam, and the little pig that Liam brought Grandpa.

Here you can see the pig from Liam, and the little bird (on the tombstone) that Ella brought Grandpa several years ago. 
In case you were wondering about the reasoning behind those two animals... Tommy was a hog farmer and he loved making birdhouses.

All of Tommy's grandkids.  Kaylin, in pink, was the only grandchild he got to hear about.  He found out Matt and Romy were expecting on Sept. 7th, and passed on Sept. 14th. 

We also visited my grandparent's grave.  Grandad just passed this last fall and every time I drive by with the kids Ella wants to see if he still has "hay" on his dirt.  :)


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