Sensory Tub

I threw this sensory tub together about 2 1/2 years ago for Ella.  She has played with it a lot the last few years.  She also knows the rules:

1. No eating the beans
2. No spilling the beans everywhere
3. You must pick up the beans

Needless to say, I was a little worried about this lil' guy following my rules.   I spent so much time training Ella and teaching her how to listen, obey, and follow through, that I'm exhausted just thinking about how much time it will take to train the next one. 

To be completely honest, he did very well.  We had to practice putting the beans back in the tub when they spilled out everywhere, but he really tried to oblige his mommy.  I will definitely be getting this back out in the near future because both my kids LOVE it. 

Simple, cheap, fun... can't beat it!!!


  1. We do this too, I never thought of putting the beans in a tub, though. I just took them out of the pantry. :-) This looks great, and I like the idea of putting other tactile items in with the beans. :-)

  2. How old were your kids when you let them start playing with the beans?

  3. Liam is almost 15 months in this picture. He loved the beans and did great once I showed him what was okay, and what was a "no-no." :)