Shaklee Difference~ Clean Home

 I just knew that when we moved into our house that I would love the stainless steel appliances.  I told people that I would wash them everyday and my kids wouldn't fingerprint them all to bits.  Umm.... I have totally eaten my words.  My appliances are always a mess and I can never seem to get the greasy paw-prints off my lovely stainless steel.  I have found myself seriously regretting my choice of finishes.  Anyhoo, I came across House of Grace and found that she uses all-natural products and that they clean her stuff to a shiny finish.  So, I decided to try them myself.  The brand is Shaklee and I love it!!  Check out my messy before and sparkling after (don't judge). 



It makes me feel so much better when I clean to know that it will actually look like I cleaned.  Ta-Da!!!!

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