So many times it's easy to forget what sacrifices have been made.  As far as having freedom from other's control, so many have fought and lost a lot to ensure freedom for each of us.  When I think back to the Revolutionary War, I can't help but imagine how scary and unsure those men and women were when they had to fight the great "Giant" across the sea.  They were outnumbered, out-trained, and at a great disadvantage.  I believe that not one of those men that fought the British had a lack of faith in God.  How could they???  If there were no God, then I don't think there would have been any way for the Americans to win the war.  But, nothing is impossible with God!

As I think about our earthly freedom, it leads me to think about our spiritual freedom.  Our forefathers gave a great deal to give us freedom, but Jesus paid a price that none can fathom.  He gave his life for ALL people.  Nothing is more precious than the freedom found in Jesus.

Freedom is precious, but we should remember the true cost of that freedom.

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