The Newest Member- Hudley

A family here in town was giving away free golden retriever pups.  I had always told Mark that they were the only breed of dog that I would want.  Once we went and saw the little fella, there wasn't any way we could leave him behind.  He's a good pup, but it's taken me some getting used to him jumping up on me and the kids.  

He is a pretty big pup and eats a lot of food!!!  He's a sweetie and great addition to the family.


  1. SO sweet!!!!! Okay the jumping is a toughy to tackle, but I just grab the back of Abbigals neck (you know-where all the flub is and seems to keep them from moving for a second?) every time we go outside. And Say NO JUMPING and then let go. If she does it again I softly but firmly smack her nose and say NO again. This seemed to help with Milly!

  2. Such a cute puppy! When my Popi's dog jumps when she starts to I push under her jaw gently and say down. She stops. Now when we say down she stays down. (I let her jump on me sometimes so she still jumps up occasionally)
    I really want a puppy. It is weird not having a dog around the house, but I don't feel comfortable having a dog without a fence. Even if the dog is completely trained.

  3. I am a new follower, looking forward to getting to know more about you and your family. The puppy is adorable. We got ours this time last year, and now, she's a 60 lb moose! :-) The puppy months were rough for us, but she is the best dog ever. I have problems with ours jumping on me...but it's only me. She knows to obey daddy. Daddy says that it's because I'm "all play and no discipline" to the pup. Oh well. Maybe one day.