Thumb Suckin' Cousins

Inquiring minds want to know which one is older. 
Answer: Claire, by a year!! 
I know... Liam is a BIG boy.  Claire is also a tiny little lady. 

Forget the small talk, let's get down to business.  Thumb suckin' 101:

Look at mommy intently with puppy-dog eyes. 
 Place your thumb in your mouth. 
And, suck away!

Yep, I think they have it down. 

Cute cousins :)


  1. Okay... they are SOOO adorable!!! I love watching small children interact and play together... and especially try and have conversations! ha ha... precious!

  2. we have a similar cousin situation. My little niece is little... and my son who is one year younger is above average;) So they look the same age... minus her grown little personality;)