He looks so big...

...with his new haircut.  I can't believe my little man looks like a big boy.  Mark wanted to take him to the barber that his dad took him to when he was little.  I decided it was a fair request.

He wouldn't put on the cape, nor would he let go of his "bedtime bear".

Liam did great sitting in the chair while his soft locks fell to the floor. He just sucked his thumb or chewed his finger the whole time (we have a little bit of a "teething" situation going on in our house).  Little girls look different with haircuts, but little boys change completely.  They immediately age 6 months, or even a year, when they get their hair cut for the first time.

Now he looks like a total stud with his new do!


  1. Adorable!!! He looks so cute with his new haricut!
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