I have an oven...

...and it was a mess!  I do not like cleaning my oven, obviously.  It had burnt pizza cheese among other random food items crusted on every wall.  I recently switched all my cleaning products to Shaklee products.  I first heard about these from Bonnie and then called her to get more info.  They are all natural and non-toxic.  It's nice to know that my kids are safe when they are around these cleaning products. 

This is how awesome they work!!  I cleaned this using the scour off paste.



It's a little embarassing, but I thought some of you might be interested in the products.  If so, go see Bonnie and let her know you heard about Shaklee from Liz at The Quick Journey!!!

Happy Cleaning!

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Venting Pumpkins

I recently stumbled upon the idea of using a dryer vent to make into a pumpkin from A Diamond in the Stuff.   I thought it was so cute and easy that I had to try it.  I only spent $7.00 to create the two pumpkins.  I had the paint for them already, so I just had to buy the vent, rafia, moss, and cinnamon sticks. 

Here is how I put them together:

First, I opened up the vent and cut it to the prefered length.  I then bent the ends together and connected them with wire.

I used cinnamon sticks for the stem.  One of my pumpkins had a larger center and I needed to glue some sticks together.

Place in the center and glue in place.

Glue spanish moss around the stem for some added texture and earthiness.

I tied a rafia bow around the orange pumpkin.

Here they are in my entryway.

stay tuned for a post on this dresser that i bought and redid for $15!!!!

Here are the pumpkins on my dining table.

WOW!  That's a lot of pics... bored yet?  Or, are you going to go make one for yourself???

She's growing up so fast

I can't believe my little girl is growing up so fast.  It seems like only yesterday I was nursing her and changing her diaper.  Now, she's stirring her own eggs. 

Time flies!!!


I'm not supposed to worry.  Period.  How am I supposed to do that?  I can honestly say that I spend nights laying in bed worrying about whether I will die soon and my kids will be left without a mommy.  I try to be so intentional with them.  I fail at times, but I still try.  Tears come to my eyes when I think about not being here to raise our kids with Mark.  When I fail as a godly parent, I think, "why would God keep me here if I'm not fulfilling my duty as a wife and mother?"  I have an insane drive to be the perfect best mother.  I know I fail miserably most days.  On those days I can think of a million reasons why I need to be on my knees praying for help and a better tomorrow.  I look at other moms who seemingly have it all together and wonder why I'm not a better mom like them.

Worry.  It's a sneaky, all consuming evil.  I have been spending time in my Bible this summer, more than ever before.  I have been intentional with who I surround myself with.  I have been reading scripture to my daughter when in the midst of disciplining her.  I have been trying to make myself a vessel for God.  I want to be consumed by Him.  I want to know that if by chance I don't get to hug and kiss my kids ever again, that I was a mother that put God's will for my life above my own.

I have a mother, that although isn't perfect, showed me what it was like to be an awesome homemaker.  I also can't remember one time when my mother gossiped about someone while I was growing up.  In my adulthood, my mother gives of her time and energy freely to me and my kids.  God is still using her as a light in my life.  I pray that my kids see me as a bright light when they are grown.

I am aware that this post started with "worry" and ended on an entire different tangent, but that's the way my mind works these days.  It all makes perfect sense in my head.  To tie it all up I will say that I want to not worry about what my future holds.  I want to be spiritually prepared to leave this earth and never look back.  I want to have impacted my kids with whatever time I'm given on this earth.  I want my kids to be able to say that their mother lead them in the ways of the Lord, not asking the world what they thought, but kneeling down and praying for direction.  I have lived so much of my life trying to please the world and trying to make everyone happy.  I am truly grateful that my time spent in the Word this summer has altered my way of thinking.

I now have less room for worry in my life.

Fall Canvas

I was in need of some new, funky, fall decor.  I had some scraps left over fom my Kennedy Canvases that I thought would be perfect for a cool new canvas.  I bought the fabric in a bundle at Hobby Lobby for a couple of bucks.  I cut the fabric into pumpkin shapes and cut stems, leaves, and the curly-things that are around the stem (do they have a name???  i dunno.).  I laid them out to see how I wanted them to go and then I took a pic so I could refer back to it once I took the fabric off of my canvas.  My sleep-deprived, mommy brain would never be able to remember the order of the pumpkins moments after they were removed, so a picture was a must.

I then used spray adhesive to secure them to the canvas.  Once they were laid out I mod podged them to the canvas for some added sturdiness.

When everything was dry and set, I put it up on my shelves to bring in the fall-ish-ness I was hoping for. 

I think it's super cute and "funky fresh."  :)
What do you think???

Milk Jug Ghosts

I recently saw these Spirit Jugs that eighteen25 created when I was on Pinterest.  I decided that we drink enough milk and it looked like minimal work, so I could probably pull it off!

First, I took a sharpie and drew faces on each of the clean jugs.

Next, I took a knife and sliced a hole in the back so I could insert lights in the back.

I filled them with small, clear Christmas lights and plugged them in!

I lined them up in my dining room for now.  I will move them out onto the porch when October hits. 

I think they turned out pretty cute.  Thanks girls from eighteen25 for the inspiration!!

Fall Festival

This past week we got to enjoy utter and total exhaustion at the Fall Festival here in town.  There are rides, programs on the stage, and food galore.  Not to mention the dreaded Baby Show.  That kicks off the entire weekend.  I dread doing it because if you win, everyone is mad to you.  And, if you lose... then you're like, "Hey!  My kid is cute... how dare you judge!"  It's a big mess, but you have to do it, or else there won't be a baby show to be had. 

I made Mark take Liam up for his age group.  He did great and got second out of quite a few little boys.  Just so you know, he was waaaaay cuter than the little boy who got first.  Just sayin'.

who can refuse that adorable, chipped tooth grin??? not me!

I took Ella up on stage and she did great.  She smiled and stood nice and sweetly while the judges looked at the group.  There was a whole slew of girls in her class and only like two boys.  I am not big on her knowing that they are looking at her face, so I told a little fib and said that they wanted to know who's dress "spun" the best.  Whatev'.  I am not much on focusing on her outter appearance. 

She did very well and got a cute elephant cup to show for it.  :)

We were also present in the children's parade where we were the "Phantoms of the Forest." 

And, of course the rides.  All those dirty, yucky, "carnies, don't touch my kid," but kids want to hop on them rides.  I can't help it, but I'm a germaphobe.  Ewww...

And, now we're back to reality.  I love leaving reality and I love getting back to reality.  We're getting rested and looking forward to Halloween costumes, craft shows, open houses, and Ella's birthday. 

I Remember Exactly Where I Was...

the day our country was attacked by cowardly terrorists.  Heroes were left with little, to no, chance of survival, trapped on an air-born bomb.  

I was getting ready for classes.  It was my first year, and semester, of college.  My grandma had fallen and broke her hip the day before (Sept. 10) and my aunt, who lives in the heart of New York, was catching an early morning flight to come and be with grandma for her surgery.  My father had caught an early morning flight to Las Vegas for business.  I was watching TV and drying my hair when the program was interrupted and all I saw was the first twin tower as a big ball of dust.  I couldn't figure out if what I was seeing was real, or if it was all a big mistake.  

"Surely I simply did not understand what I was seeing and hearing.  There is no way that this could be happening."

Then the second tower got hit and everyone was in complete shock.  I could hear gasps from other hall mates who were watching the same thing as me.

I had two tests that morning that I needed to get prepared for.  Then, the realization that my dad and aunt were both on flights that morning began to set in.  I panicked and then was told that the flights were unaccounted for.  I went to class with my cell phone in hand, waiting for some bit of information that told me all of my loved ones were safe, and practically failed both tests (Cs were 'failing' to me).  After classes my mom said that dad had been renavigated to a different airport and that my aunt was fine as well.  

9-11 is the first major historical memory that I have.  I somehow feel very attached to the situation and at times feel obsessed with the details that the media puts out there.  The emotions and memories are so vivid that I can't believe it has been ten years.  I feel so blessed to have all my family in tact.  I mourn with those that will be mourning today and the coming years.  I feel blessed to live in a country that takes freedom so seriously.  

Thank you to ALL those that lost their lives that terrible day, those that volunteered their lives to save others, and those that serve, have served, and will serve to protect me and my family.

I will NEVER forget!!!

Latest Pinning

I really have to watch myself when it comes to Pinterest.  I can easily become obsessed and let it eat all my time away while I need to be doing other domestic things.  That being said, I thought I would share some of my latest pins with y'all.  

I have always really wanted a bench, or seat, at the foot of our bed.  I think it's a great way to bring in style and also very useful.

I have shown Mark these sliding barnwood doors. I really want a place to put one!!!  
need to find a place to put one of these- pronto!

Ahh, yes.  The romantic, ruffled curtains.  I think I would like these in my master bed and bath.  
ruffled drapes....beautiful!

With fall around the corner, I am getting my house geared up for the decor that goes along with fall.
I think these jugs are a cute and cheap way to decorate while recycling.

Last, but not least, are the pallet shelves.  I would love these to hold the kids' books.  

Check out Pinterest and get pinning!!