Fall Canvas

I was in need of some new, funky, fall decor.  I had some scraps left over fom my Kennedy Canvases that I thought would be perfect for a cool new canvas.  I bought the fabric in a bundle at Hobby Lobby for a couple of bucks.  I cut the fabric into pumpkin shapes and cut stems, leaves, and the curly-things that are around the stem (do they have a name???  i dunno.).  I laid them out to see how I wanted them to go and then I took a pic so I could refer back to it once I took the fabric off of my canvas.  My sleep-deprived, mommy brain would never be able to remember the order of the pumpkins moments after they were removed, so a picture was a must.

I then used spray adhesive to secure them to the canvas.  Once they were laid out I mod podged them to the canvas for some added sturdiness.

When everything was dry and set, I put it up on my shelves to bring in the fall-ish-ness I was hoping for. 

I think it's super cute and "funky fresh."  :)
What do you think???


  1. Fabulous canvas - I love the colours you have used!

    I am having a scrapbook giveaway on my blog at the moment - drop by and visit!


  2. Oh wow amazing!! You make really cute things!
    I would love if you link this to my next party on October 1st!

    Happy week end!

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  4. New Follower. I love all of your crafty and creative ideas! And your kids are SUPER cute!