Fall Festival

This past week we got to enjoy utter and total exhaustion at the Fall Festival here in town.  There are rides, programs on the stage, and food galore.  Not to mention the dreaded Baby Show.  That kicks off the entire weekend.  I dread doing it because if you win, everyone is mad to you.  And, if you lose... then you're like, "Hey!  My kid is cute... how dare you judge!"  It's a big mess, but you have to do it, or else there won't be a baby show to be had. 

I made Mark take Liam up for his age group.  He did great and got second out of quite a few little boys.  Just so you know, he was waaaaay cuter than the little boy who got first.  Just sayin'.

who can refuse that adorable, chipped tooth grin??? not me!

I took Ella up on stage and she did great.  She smiled and stood nice and sweetly while the judges looked at the group.  There was a whole slew of girls in her class and only like two boys.  I am not big on her knowing that they are looking at her face, so I told a little fib and said that they wanted to know who's dress "spun" the best.  Whatev'.  I am not much on focusing on her outter appearance. 

She did very well and got a cute elephant cup to show for it.  :)

We were also present in the children's parade where we were the "Phantoms of the Forest." 

And, of course the rides.  All those dirty, yucky, "carnies, don't touch my kid," but kids want to hop on them rides.  I can't help it, but I'm a germaphobe.  Ewww...

And, now we're back to reality.  I love leaving reality and I love getting back to reality.  We're getting rested and looking forward to Halloween costumes, craft shows, open houses, and Ella's birthday. 

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