Venting Pumpkins

I recently stumbled upon the idea of using a dryer vent to make into a pumpkin from A Diamond in the Stuff.   I thought it was so cute and easy that I had to try it.  I only spent $7.00 to create the two pumpkins.  I had the paint for them already, so I just had to buy the vent, rafia, moss, and cinnamon sticks. 

Here is how I put them together:

First, I opened up the vent and cut it to the prefered length.  I then bent the ends together and connected them with wire.

I used cinnamon sticks for the stem.  One of my pumpkins had a larger center and I needed to glue some sticks together.

Place in the center and glue in place.

Glue spanish moss around the stem for some added texture and earthiness.

I tied a rafia bow around the orange pumpkin.

Here they are in my entryway.

stay tuned for a post on this dresser that i bought and redid for $15!!!!

Here are the pumpkins on my dining table.

WOW!  That's a lot of pics... bored yet?  Or, are you going to go make one for yourself???


  1. I've seen a lot of different pumpkin crafts popping up around blog-land these days, but nothing as unique as this one! I'm guessing you can just buy the vent a any old hardware store?

  2. Absolutely! Just go to walmart, lowes, homedepot and go to town! I recently did a few with hot glue, instead of wire, and it worked great!

  3. Love it! I'd love for you to link up to my Wickedly Creative Halloween Ideas Party!

  4. Oh my word, what an amazing idea! I love it!

  5. Would never have thought of that in a million years... You made yours look fabulous! Thank you for sharing this idea!

  6. Thank you. It is a super fun craft and totally easy!

  7. SUPER cute pumpkins and your oven looks great! :-)

  8. Sarah~ Thank you. The pumpkins are fun and different.

  9. Hi Liz, well you are a clever young lady. I have never seen pumpkins made that way before. Great job. I found and am following you through Blotteritaville and will visit more often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you could follow me also. I would like that. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris