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Hey 'Quick' friends!  Today I am over at a great blog styling a frame with some awesome Map Art--- check it out!!

Here on The Quick Journey we are being visited by an adorable chick from the BabyBerry blog.
Welcome, Emily!!!


Hi there! My name is Emily and I blog over at BabyBerry...

I started my blog in early 2010, when I was newly expecting our first child, as a way to keep in touch with family and friends. Over a year later, I am amazed and overwhelmed at all of the lovely ladies that I've met through blogging-- Liz being one of them, of course... (but you already know how great she is, because you're here)! Not to mention all the fabulous DIY ideas that I've discovered, and have desperately tried to store in my brain (for which I am SO thankful for the invention of Pinterest)!
I will admit that I never considered myself very crafty or creative. Once upon a time, I was a Big-City dwelling, full-time (plus overtime) workaholic who was very passionate about my job, and now I'm a (mostly) stay-at-home momma, living in my super-small hometown, who views my career as more of a hobby... I still find it strange sometimes, but I'm loving it! Especially because I get to spend all of my time with this sweet little face...

Being the momma of a freshly 1 yr-old girl, I am generally more of a "naptime crafter" these days...
But I am so excited to be here today to share my latest project, which has been on my To-Do list for quite some time... It's quick, it's easy, and it's very inexpensive. These are three things that really attract me to a project! :)
DIY Earring/Jewelry Frame

 Supplies needed:
 *wood photo frame (I got mine from Michaels for around $1, but you can use a larger one if needed)
*your favorite scrapbook paper
*scrapbook decor rosettes (I found mine at Hobby Lobby around the scrapbooking section)
*Modge Podge
*acrylic paint (I used white)
*a metal or vinyl screen (I used vinyl screen from an old screen door that we replaced)

1. Sand your frame with fine-grit sand paper to remove any "snags" that might be there.
2. Put on your first layer of Modge Podge, and once it gets a little "tacky," add another layer of Modge Podge on top of it.
3. Apply your desired scrapbook paper to the frame (just a hint: you may need to line up any patterns with the frame so that they appear even after you cut the paper). Smooth out any wrinkles and really squish the paper into the Modge Podge on the frame, so that it stays in place. Let it dry.
4. After the paper is completely dry, cut out the form of the frame with an X-ACTO knife, or something similar. To avoid tearing, I put the scrapbook side down and cut from the back of the frame.
5. Apply a thin layer of Modge Podge over your scrapbook paper. Let it dry.
6. When it's dry, you can sand the edges of the scrapbook paper if desired.
7. Paint all exposed areas of your frame your desired color. I chose white to make the design on the scrapbook paper stand out. Let it dry.
8. Add your rosettes and cut your screen a little larger than your frame's opening.
9. Hot glue your screen to back of the frame.
10. Add your earring collection!

Like I said, it's SO easy... The hardest part is waiting for the everything to dry!

A BIG thanks to Liz for allowing me to share with all of you! Feel free to stop by and visit BabyBerry...
I would love to hear how YOUR frames turned out! :)

God Bless,


Wow!  So cute and sassy!  I love the frames.  Thank you, Emily!!!

Be sure to bounce over to her blog and check out my Map Art tutorial.


  1. So cute! Great storage and display!


  2. Stopping by from Baby Berry... saw your guest post and wanted to stop by and say your kiddos are adorable, and I love map art too! Especially of the islands.

  3. This is so cute! awesome for a jewelry holder.

    If Work Permits

  4. This is so cute! I need one of these so bad! My earrings are everywhere! :)

  5. What a cool.dea..I love it :)) Totally need one..I found ya over at craftomaniac linky party and had to stop in. I'm Marilyn via ..Officially following ya with smiles..Great blog..Hope you can stop in and visit sometime..Ty :))

  6. What a cute earring frame! Thanks for linking to Potpourri Friday.

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  8. Absolutely darling! Thank you for sharing at FNF! :)