Carving out Memories

How's that for a totally corney post title? 

Anyhoo, it is a tradition for us to carve pumpkins. 
I love to do it as an adult (rather watch Mark do it), and Ella looks so forward to picking out her character and having daddy carve it into her pumpkin. 
ella's headband: Paisley or Polkadots

Next, Daddy carves out the top.  Kids watch...  anxiously....

Then, it's time to dig out the inside.

Just look at Liam's face in this next pic.  I didn't get his entire face, but he wasn't too fond of the digging part.

He gave it a try, but once was all it took and he was finished with the gooey-ness.

Mark is a master-carver and he has his own special techinique. 
It's called "grab thumb tacks out of my wife's drawer and poke the pumpkin with them" technique.
It's very sophisticated.

Once you take the stencil off of the pumpkin you have a perfect outline of your character.

Now you dremmel.

Here is the final product.  I know it's a little difficult to see.  That's my fault... I had a dog jumping on me and Ella was afraid of the dark.  It's blurry, but oh well.  Great job, Hubby!! 


Here are some pics of the last two years of pumpkins.  Ella went through a long phase of loving the Mickey Mouse characters.  Thus, we had Mickey one year and Minnie last year.

Have a safe Halloween!


  1. Those look AWESOME!! What a fun and sweet family tradition :) Have a happy and safe Halloween!

  2. Snow White?? LOVE it!! This is such a sweet tradition... I come from a family full of love but hardly any shared traditions... so now that I have my own baby I gotta get creative and think of things we can do together. Very sweet of you & your husband to take the time to do that with your babies!

  3. This is so cute! Mickey and Minnie! Makes me think of my dogs Mick and Minnie LOL..

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  5. i found you from the follow fest--super cute blog. i love the snow white pumpkin, my favorite disney princess!


  6. aww this totally brings me back to those days when I was little and helped my Dad carve out the pumpkins. Yours are so good!

  7. WOW Liz! They turned out so great! We are not that good over here at carving pumpkins ;)

  8. WOW!! I am so impressed with those pumpkins!!

  9. pumpkins look great and those smiles are amazing come see me at