Get Excited, People!!!

Okay, peeps.  Below is a pic of the headband I will be giving away this week.  
Hello, 100+ followers!!!
I am super stoked!! 
 It is simple, yet a little bit fancy, classic, yet a little bit quirky.  You want to win this... no, seriously.

I just want to add that I feel like a complete dork taking pics of myself to post for all of the world to see...
sister of mine, you need not comment. :)

Make sure you come back and enter the giveaway this Wednesday.  
That would be, like, in 4 days.  
This is a headband that anyone can pull off, and I will show you more pics on Wednesday so you can see how great it really is.  

Happy blogging, y'all! 

*be sure to follow, so you don't miss the giveaway!!!*

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  1. Congrats on breaking 100 followers! I know I was really excited when I did too :)