Guest- BabyBerry Blog

Tomorrow (Friday) I will be over at BabyBerry doing a fabulous tutorial on MAP ART!!! 

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Which I totally dig and you can see that if you take a gander at my Pinterest boards.  

Anyhoo, you will be reading from a great bloggy friend, Emily, who blogs at BabyBerry.  

She is a mommy, wife, and total DIYer.  She and her hubby are creating an amazing home for their family by fixing up a family home that is over 100 years old.  Trust... you want to check this chick out!!!  Tomorrow she is going to do an awesome post for you here, so make sure you check back!!!


  1. new to your cute little blog.. I found via Dance for 5 :) Such a cute blog and I'm excited to browse it.. especially your "shepherding your childs heart" post :)

  2. Nice pics! Very nice blog!

  3. Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog. Yes! We live in KC, close to downtown in fact. Love it here. That's cool you live just north! And I need a craft room too. Fortunately the baby is kind enough to share his nursery with me :) Ashlee @ Capernaum Home

  4. Hi, following you from A Dance For 5. Love your headbands! :)