Guitar Man

I have a little boy who loves the guitar. 

 This is what we do for a good portion of our day.  He will fish that guitar out of the closet and mosy his little tush on my lap in anticipation of a little song. 
I strum the guitar and sing one of his favorites, "Twinkle, Twinkle," "Jesus Loves Me," or "Lolla-Loo (a mommy original)."

I have people tell me all the time that they could never stay at home with their kids.  They just aren't made that way.  I totally understand why they feel that way.  This mommy business is tough stuff.  But, I'm totally made for this... mommyhood.
I can't imagine missing moments like this.  This is why I stay at home... so I can nurture a love for all things good.  A love for family, music, reading, and Jesus. 

I would give up any material possession.  I would give up any accolade.  I would give up any job, if it meant I didn't have to miss one moment like this. 

What can I say???  I love being a mommy.

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  1. How sweet is he?! What a great "Mommy and Me" moment! :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. this is so sweet! you are so lovely! and that headband is cute, cute!
    found you from your comment on the letter 4 and i'm following!
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  3. I feel the same way. There are days when I want to run back to my working life, but in reality I'd never change a thing. I am your newest follower. : )

  4. Aww so sweet!! You are a great mom!!


  5. Aww so sweet!! You are a great mother!


  6. Liz -- Your post nearly made me cry because I feel the same way. I am absolutely the happiest I have ever been staying home with my little guy. I don't know yet that I'll be able to stay home forever, due to finances, but while I am able to I am cherishing what a luxury it is. Hard work, yes, but to not miss these moments is the best gift ever. Fortunately, as I am Canadian, I am home for at least a year with Benjamin. I hope I can make it last forever though.

    Enjoy your sweet boy!


  7. Awe how cute! I don't have children but I completely understand how you feel about giving it all up for family.

    Monica @ www.theatypicalhousewife.com

  8. Love this! I was one of those women that 'could NOT' stay home all of the time. I am now a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom of 4 girls and I wouldn't have it any other way. In fact, we have a tendency to get low on groceries just because I don't want to run into town.

    You guys are adorable, thanks for sharing!

  9. I would LOVE to be a SAHM (stay at home mom). Now, if I can just convince my hubs to give me some babies... so I can stay at home and have moments like the one above. This is precious! thanks for sharing such an intimate time with your son. :)

  10. I love staying at home! It's the best thing! And I like your headband:)

  11. Isn't it just lovely? Of course there are tough days, but moments like this just trump those bad days 10 fold! I thank God everyday that I am able to be home with my boys, for moments just like that!

  12. Being a stay at home mom is HARD!! But there are those moments that you'd never get otherwise. THOSE are the moments that make it ALL worth it! I wouldn't change it for the world either! Hard as it can be, it's my life and I love it!

    Digger ~xoxo~

  13. love your bloggy blog and love that you captured some sweet mommyhood moments to share - it is truly a GIFT and blessing to be with our little for those moments! :) look forward to getting to know you better here! blessings!!

  14. i can totally relate...i was made for this too! and i love all the moments good and hard. thanks for sharing.

  15. What an interesting blog and sweet boy, Liz! I feel exactly the same way about staying home with my kiddos. I will definitely be popping by again. Thanks for your visit too :)

  16. what a sweet lil music maker you have!! would love for you guys to check out my handmade creatures! xo

  17. Hes adorable.

    Stopping by from the follwers fest. I'm a new follower.

    Hope you can check me out at