Organization is a Must!

But, you wouldn't have been able to tell this by looking at my mosh-pit of a jewelry drawer.  How can anyone find anything in that blackhole??  I make jewelry boards for people to purchase, and I finally decided that I needed one myself... obviously.  Hello!?!?!  What took me so long?

This is a BEFORE of my drawer (close your eyes... it's quite the mess):

Here it is AFTER hanging on my board in my closet!!!:

 All my bling is so neatly organized, and now I can see what I have and not wear the same pieces all the time.
This is my drawer now that it's cleaned out cue the angels singing.


A.W.E-S.O.M.E ... awesome, awesome... TOTALLY (a little cheer from back in the day).

What do you think?  Pretty slick, huh?

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  1. Great organizing!

    I stumbled this!

  2. Love this, I need to do something to get all my stuff organized, I don't even have a drawer!! LOL
    came over from Home Stories!

  3. hey girl! this looks great!:) i really need to do something similar! thanks for the inspiration :)

  4. I needed this post to inspire me! My jewelry could definitely use some help. Thanks for the ideas!

    Brie from

  5. Looks great -- and you have beautiful jewellery!


  6. I just did mine in hot pink! But I love yours! Come see the Wisdom Teeth necklace. I did a living room in that fabric come check it out!

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  8. i love this project! i need to get my jewelry organized so i might actually wear it. i'm a new follower! hope you'll follow me back, if you'd like. -- Hilary