Rocks in the Road

This was not a planned post, but my heart is full.

I'm not going to lie and say that 
today has been the greatest of days.
ella at the church Christmas program december 2010.  

In fact, I had a terrible morning according to my standards.  I went to bed late last night and didn't get my nighttime reading done.  I woke early and got only a portion of my reading done, which is a disappointment because I really love that quiet time before the house wakes.  

I get the kids up and running and leave to take Liam to my parents so I can take Ella to her gymnastics class and have some mommy and me time with my little lady.  
I drop off the little handsome and hop in the van that I swore I'd never drive, only to back it into the four-wheeler that was sitting in the gravel behind my car.  
The steal scraper attached to the front of the four-wheeler made a perfect incision in the back bumper of my 
not-so-cool mini.  

The van, that I am already most of time ungrateful for because it really diminishes my cool factor, now has a brilliantly noticeable slit for all the world to see.  

I drop my head in frustration.
I decide to let tears fall in disappointment.

Upon further investigation, there was no way that I could have seen the four-wheeler sitting behind me.  I sit too low in my seat, because God made me a perfect 5'2, to have been able to see it. The seats in the back where the kids sit, in addition to the natural blind spots of the van, made it impossible for me to have seen the four-wheeler. 

I remember that it is only a vehicle and that the four-wheeler was not a life that could have been damaged.  
It was a car and an atv.  Not a life. Period.

I went on to gymnastics only to have Ella not want to go with her teacher because the gym was like an icebox to an almost four-year old.  I couldn't talk her into going and trying her hand at all the obstacles on the gym floor.

ella at her first gymnastics practice- august 2010

I drop my head in frustration.
I decide to hold back tears and walk her out of the gym... who cares, right?

With that being said, my morning was a wreck, right?

Then, God turns my heart.  I have a vehicle, that might be uncool, but runs and has plenty of airbags to protect.  I have kids, that although are disobedient at times, are learning the forgiveness and grace of their Heavenly Father.  I make mistakes, that although at the time seem massive, are mistakes that can be repaired.  There are thousands of blessings abounding in my life...

my sleepy babes- august 2010



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  1. The good Lord knows I have days like this too. Not so much exactly like this but I've had my share of embarrassing car dings and a disobedient kiddo who acts as if his sole purpose in life is to give me gray hairs (and I'm only 25). It's so good that, at the end of the day, you are able to put it all in perspective. Hang in there! :)

  2. well done- it seems i turn to gratitude on bad days far more quickly- because I need it. I suffocate on bad days when I don't give thanks. Praying for you and your sweet family today. Blessings from Uganda

  3. We've all been there. I was having such a hard week with my boys last week, but then it all turned around. Counting our blessings is the best way to turning our hearts towards God. He is faithful to us.

  4. I'm so sorry you had a bad morning! I hope you are all okay from the wreck!! Many, many hugs love!

  5. I can relate to mornings that start off badly. The best way to overcome it is by focusing on Him and all He's done. Thanks for sharing your heart. Enjoyed visiting here today.

  6. every time i see a picture of you, i think "wow! she is just SO very pretty!" i love that last picture:)
    you're so very welcome for posting your giveaway, hunn:) i hope you get lots of people from it... but then again maybe not because that would mean more entries and then i would have less a chance of winning that super awesome $20 certificate! ;P i kid! i kid!
    i love how you are seeing the blessings in everything today. i absoultely love that outlook on life. God gives everything, we may think it's bad, but if He gave it, it's good because He knows best. i constantly have to remind myself of this! thanks for your sweet reminder for today:)

  7. What a precious post!! I am so happy that you chose to see the blessings in your day! Very encouraging because I know I can relate!! xo

  8. oh, I'm so sorry you had a rough morning. I've had some of those and they are not fun at all. Lean on Him and His word during those tough times. I play my worship music really loud and all day long. Things usually get better after that :) Hang in there!

  9. Oh my goodness, I caved and got a mini van last year too! And to top it off (I am the one that normally hits something) my husband backed into a wall and I have a nice big dent in the bumper. So I guess we are both driving our not so cool mini vans with bumps in them.
    I have so had days like that too. My Grace would always cling to me when I dropped her off at gymnastics, now she just loves it so much.
    Hang in there!!!! XOXO

  10. I had one of these days yesterday. And mine wasn't even nearly as bad as yours. I hope the rest of your week gets better. Glad to know you're grateful for your blessings. I should probably think of those too ;)

    If Work Permits

  11. Found you on Casey's site! :) Sorry you had one of those rough mornings that we all hate so much...but it's always amazing when God taps us on the shoulders to get our much to be thankful for!

  12. I remember this day! So glad the Lord spoke to you through for's His specialty.

    p.s. I feel completely and totally un-cool in my minivan too. My youngest is 3...thinking maybe it's time for an upgrade?? lol

  13. Wow your babies are very sweet and cute. Thank you for this cute and fantastic post. I like all pictures In third picture you looking very beautiful with your child.