This is what it looks like...

at our house when daddy is trying to leave to go to work.

Liam is completely smitten my his daddy.  
I'm completely smitten by the whole situation.

Ella was a total mommy's girl, and actually wanted absolutely nothing to do with Mark
at this age.
(ella and mommy at treasure falls- july 2009; ella is 20 months)

I get giddy watching Liam love on Mark.
Mark has a hard time leaving because Liam will hold on with his arms and toes and lay his head on daddy's shoulder.
Who wants to leave a snuggling baby???

This is one of the millions of blessings we receive each day.



  1. This is such a cute post with cute pictures!

  2. Aww Liz..when my husband leaves to work the kids are still asleep but when he is home they will not leave his side at all. For our littlest one it's like I don't exist when he is around.

  3. ahh! that is so sweet! Our oldest is SO much a daddy's boy too. I love it.

  4. girls are total daddy's girls! It is so cute to see kids express love!

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