A Birthday {Milestones}

My little girl turned 4 this week.  Monday we had a Princess Party for her and a few friends, and then Tuesday was just cake and presents for us and the grandparents.  

I made a simple banner to hang on our sliding door.  I think I might post a tutorial on how I made it.  Although, you can probably figure it out by looking at the picture.  I spent $0 on this banner and it was pretty cute.

This is my lovely with her cake.

My lovely afraid the candles were going to jump up and bite her.

My lovely blowing her candles out with all her might.
 pretty sure she's not going to like this picture being on the internet when she's 16

 The cookies that somehow got devoured.  It was my first real attempt at making sugar cookies.  
They turned out yummy and I think I will make and ice some with the kids for Christmas.

 Ella opening her gifts on Monday with her friends all in their princess attire.  
She was the Belle of the Ball.  haha

 My cake lady quit making cakes (BOO!)... so, that means I get to make the cake.  It looked okay.  
It did taste VERY good, though.  And, I think that's what matters, right?

And, last but not least, my boho-hippy fairy in all her glory. 

I love that girl... so much!



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  1. I think the cake looks wonderful! Good job. Your daughter is darling, Happy Birthday to her!

  2. A princess party? That sounds perfect!! Your daughter is absolutely adorable. Looks like she had a great time :)

  3. It turned out great! I can't make a pretty cake to save a life! Love it.

  4. She is too cute!! The banner, cake & cookies look amazing. Good job crafty mom!

  5. She is beautiful!!! And I'm pretty darn sure I could taste the cookies. Great photo!!!

  6. The cake, cookies and the banner ALL look AWESOME! :) And Ella is just beautiful! She's so lucky to have a mommy like you!

  7. Oh my gosh! She is gorgeous and I love the cake and the banner and the cookies.. and the fact that its a princess crown. just found ur blog via the link up. precious.


  8. So sweet! Isn't it funny all of the crazy outfits that little girls wear? I love them.

    If Work Permits

  9. Your little girl is darling! Great job on the cake, it looks amazing! And tose sugar cookies...devine! Its only 8:45am and Id eat those! haha. Happy 4th birthday to your sweet girl.
    Looking forward to your tutorial on the banner..looks easy and cute!

  10. she is adorable! that cake looks amazing...those cookies are making my mouth water! happy birthday to your little one<3