Hazelaid {Natural Living}

I have struggled with eczema ever since I was a freshman in college.  
I get it on my hands and the first time I had an outbreak, I thought it was poison ivy.
Eventually, I went to the clinic to have them give me something for the rash.
It was then that I learned I had eczema.  

(yes... i colored my hair for winter.  i needed a change.)

For me, it is brought on by stress and dry, cold weather.  
Lotions do not help me.
I have to use a strong, prescription cream to take care of it (which I don't like using).   

(check out my Hazelaid necklace)

I was really excited when I heard of a company, Hazelaid, that creates jewelry that helps heal eczema.

They sent me a necklace for myself and Liam (he has eczema, too) to try out and see if it helps us.

To be honest, they are pretty cute and Liam doesn't seem to be bothered by his at all.
He had a patch of eczema on his cheek and within 24 hours it was almost gone...

If you want to check Hazelaid out, click their button on my right sidebar and see for yourself.
They help heal a lot of different ailments... even teething pains for littles.
Check them out!!

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Happy Healing...



  1. This is really interesting. I have two kids with eczema. I am off to check out their products. Thanks.

  2. I have it, my kids have it! It's awful! I was actually going to do a post asking if anyone had any ideas on how to treat it. Poor Luke has it pretty bad right now. I get it really bad when I am pregnant and also in my ears. I am going to check it out. XOX

  3. Did you try the cream too or just the necklace??

  4. That is way too cool! I will definitely have to tell my friend about this, she also struggles from this irritating illness. Thanks for sharing!



  5. Ive heard about this.. Both my kids have it. Ill look into it some more! Thank you :)

  6. Thanks for sharing! I have never heard of this. I have struggled with this too and what works for me is Young Living's Lavender Essential Oil. Glad you found ways to help. It is miserable, isn't it? Blessings to you and your children. Keep 'em healthy using natural products! Glad you are going the natural route:)

  7. thank you for posting about this! My daughter Maya struggles with it, and a necklace would make her day! :)

  8. LOVE the idea of healing naturally!
    And by the way your little one is SOOO cute!

  9. love this! My daughter had it bad as a baby... this would have been lovely!

  10. ok, THAT is the cutest little boy in the shower ever.

  11. He is too cute!!!
    How do you stand it :)

  12. Do you know which necklaces they sent you? Thanks! :)