WonderMill {Review}

I have been interested in milling my own wheat and making bread for my family.  
Needless to say, it was a HUGE blessing when I received a WonderMill Grain Mill to review for 

Let me start off by giving you a few details about this machine:
*It is electric (no hand cranking going on here)
*It mills the wheat to the perfect consistency
*It is almost a 'whisper' when it is milling the wheat berries

  The flour is so nice and warm... fabulous to bake with!

I even had a little helper with the bread.

And, then there is the reward for the "Little Red Hen" that worked so diligently.
{fyi: I shared with my family}

The bread was so yummy with a hint of honey. 

This whole process was really easy and actually very rewarding.
The kids have been eating a slice of bread every day and are LOVING it!

Thank you WonderMill for the amazing grain mill!!!


Bread recipe to be posted soon

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  1. Oh my goodness! That bread looks so grainy and good! I bet you are going to use the wonder mill a lot! What other things do you plan on making? And your helping is super duper cute!