Ella's 4 yr Pictures {Milestone}

As I said in this post, things are a little tight around here.  That being said, I have to find a way to take pictures of my kids without them looking terribly amateur.  I find ways to create pictures that I'm somewhat satisfied with.  I really liked all the pics with Christmas lights behind the subject that I had seen on Pinterest, so I tried to recreate that look with Ella's 4 year pictures.    

If you have any tricks that you use to take great pictures of your kids... send them my way!!!


To see more of the Milestone Pictures I have taken of my kids... go here!


  1. Oh my goodness look at this model!! She is so cute!

  2. These are adorable! I love the first one.

  3. One of my favorite tips ever was to sit them in front of the window. The lighting will enhance the photo so much :)
    She's a cutie pie!

  4. Love the last one! You did such a good job!

  5. Hi! I've just come across your blog and I love it so much! Your daughter is adorable!!!! It looks like you're doing just fine, even though things are a little tight :)

    New follower :)

  6. I just found your blog and she is ADORABLE! That headband...so cute! I'm sure you hear it all the time but had to say how cute she is! Can't wait to read more of your blog. :)


  7. she is adorable!! thanks for letting me know - i loved seeing these. :)

  8. She is a precious little girl! Happy Sunday to you!

    xo Shane

  9. Who needs a paid photographer?? You're doing a great job, Liz! (And it doesn't hurt a thing that you have such adorable models!!!)