Ella started schoolwork this fall. 
 I didn't want it to be anything too strenuous since she's still pretty young. 
It has really been a time for her to learn some of her basics 
and for us to spend some time together.  

I have used Confessions of a Homeschooler curriculum and I have loved it!!
I am a very organized, scheduled, and structured person, so it works perfect for me.
Ella just turned four right before Christmas and has been loving all the variety the 
curriculum offers.

Like I said, we're just learning the basics and simple skills right now, such as:


Capital/Lowercase Recognition

Tracing letters and learning their sounds


She has also been doing:

Ordering of items
Color Matching
Lacing cards
Sight Words
Memory verses

And, then we have this lil' guy.  He can't be left out, now can he?
He sits at his chair and does his own schoolwork.

Putting letter monkeys on the wrong place

But, it's so much fun!!!

Putting colored rings on the wrong peg

And, then there's snack time.  Even Bedtime Bear gets a little snack time lovin'.
Apparently bears eat through their noses... not their mouths. :)

There you have it!  We are having a great time and Ella always looks forward to "Schooltime" at our house!


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