Liam has got to be the biggest snuggle bunny there is.  He loves to lay and cuddle.  

I can't say that any of us mind him being so affectionate.  I feel so blessed that he likes to spend time on our laps.  Ella and Liam have both been very cuddly kids.  

Oh, and please notice the "whitey-tighties" my big boy is wearing  We are no longer diapering our little dude... he's potty trained!!!  
He's not even two, so it's not something I had expected, but with all the rashes he kept getting there was no other alternative.  I refuse to keep cream on his hiney for another year.  He did great with the whole process (I continue to think it's the worst part of parenting... I despise potty training).  
I'm a very happy, proud mommy.



  1. Too cute!! So awesome that he's potty trained!! I'm definitely ready to start that whole process... Slowly but surely!

  2. Oh my those pictures are beyond precious, they are one of those moments where life is just perfect! I cant wait to have little ones of my own!

  3. what sweet pictures! and yeah for potty training!! that's impressive!