Yarn Wreath and Felt Flowers {Tutorial}

I fell in love with all the fun Christmas crafts I had been seeing, so I decided to create one for my sister.  The one I'm showing you today is the yarn wreath.  I had to buy felt, yarn, and the wreath.  I had the hot glue, thread, and needle.

Here is what you need:
Wreath form (I used a foam wreath and it worked beautifully)
embellishments for your flowers

Step 1:  Wrap the yarn around the wreath making sure to cover the entire wreath and leave nothing peeking out.  {this takes time...}

Whew, that part is DONE!  Now, onto the flowers... the fun part!

I'm going to show you two easy flowers to make.  I stitch mine together, but I know a lot of people glue them.  I want to make sure they don't fall apart on me, so I use thread and a needle.  Both cheap, both easy to use.  

Step 2:  Create the flowers

I cut circles of different sizes, stacked them, and sewed them.  I added an embellishment to the center. 

I like my flowers to have some dimension, so I stitch the opposite sides of the flower together (I run my needle and thread under the embellishment).  You can see how I do it in the following pictures.  I do it to one side, and then stitch the other two sides together.  

And, I'm done with that flower.  Easy enough, right?

Next, I'm doing a rosette flower with felt.  Cut your felt in a circle, making the outside edge ruffly like a flower would be.  Then cut the spiral as shown below, leaving the center as a small circle so you can cover the bottom of the flower when finished.

Begin by rolling the flower and gluing every so often.  At the end, you will use the center part of the circle you cut (that should be in the shape of a circle) and glue it to the bottom to cover the bottom of the flower.

Ta-da!!!  I think the pictures probably explain better than my words.  My sleep-deprived brain doesn't always explain things well.  

Next, I arrange all the flowers I made and decide how I want them to look on the wreath.  

Once I have that figured out, I hot glue them to my wreath and finish by gluing embellishments to the center of my flowers.  

There ya have it!



  1. Absolutely gorgeous! I LOVE those pretty flowers. Thanks for the how-to! Great job!

  2. oh my gosh thanks so much for this tutorial. I totally had no idea how to make those flowers but I love their look!

  3. It looks so nice, I made a yarn wrapped wreath recently and WOW it is time consuming. I love how your flowers turned out.