Remember... love

Blessings overflow in our home... our hearts... our lives.
We have a marriage that isn't perfect, but a marriage that we VOW to 
fight for until our last breath.  
Why must we think that things that are meant to be are supposed to be easy?
I think things that are meant to be are those things that don't come easy, but are worth every ounce of pain, frustration, heartache, joy, delight, and hope.

We work at our marriage. 
I love how God has matured us.
I love how God has taught us to love each other unconditionally.
I love how God has taught us the worth of our covenant.

We refuse to give up, to settle, to remain as the world tells us to.
We are blessed that God made us for each other.  

Happy Valentine's Day!!


Becoming a Man

Liam watched Mark shave one morning and decided he'd like to have a go at it.  
This is how it turned out...

I can't help but giggle when I see these.  I also want to kiss that adorable, chubby belly.    


Finally... SNOW!!!

We finally got enough snow to play in this Sunday.  The kids went out and played with Mark for about an hour before we had to get ready for church.  They were so excited.

Poor Liam didn't have any mittens, so I put socks on his hands and taped ziplocs around the socks.  It worked well enough for him. 

Ella even helped daddy de-ice the sidewalk.  

I'm so glad they have a daddy that will get up on a Sunday and take them to play in the snow.  


Baby Bump {12 weeks}

And, we're moving out of the first trimester!!!!
I have had a rough past 6-8 weeks, but life is looking up 
and it could've been a lot worse (ahem... Liam's pregnancy was soooooo hard!).

I am so happy that the last few days I have been able to act like a functioning human being.
My blood sugar numbers have been doing well and I have been fairly productive the last few days.

I can tell I'm going to "pop" faster with this one.  I'm preparing myself to be okay with that.  
I'm sure most people show faster with the third than with the first two.  

I have had a few annoying issues with baby 3.  For some reason I have to get up in the middle of the night and use the restroom... like 3 times!!!  I have never had this problem and I hope it goes away.  It's not good to be sleepy beyond belief and then get woke up to go potty. 

 I am really into peanut butter, which it typical for me.  I like that it coats my tummy and keeps me from being super sick. 

 I have also been sick in the middle of the night.  I am keeping saltines by my bed and eating them when I get up to use the bathroom because I am sick even at night.  

This has certainly been different from the other two pregnancies.  I am ready to move past the first trimester and enjoy the energy that everyone always says accompanies the second trimester.  


This is how...

... I told Mark he was going to be a daddy of 3!!!!

This is how we told our friends and family we were expanding our family...

This is me at 8 weeks pregnant with our little blessing...
{i got the idea to take pics like this from this blog}

There ya have it!  Now you know why I haven't been posting AT ALL the past 6 weeks.  
I am 12 weeks now and feeling better.  We will welcome our little bundle in August.  


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