Baby Bump {12 weeks}

And, we're moving out of the first trimester!!!!
I have had a rough past 6-8 weeks, but life is looking up 
and it could've been a lot worse (ahem... Liam's pregnancy was soooooo hard!).

I am so happy that the last few days I have been able to act like a functioning human being.
My blood sugar numbers have been doing well and I have been fairly productive the last few days.

I can tell I'm going to "pop" faster with this one.  I'm preparing myself to be okay with that.  
I'm sure most people show faster with the third than with the first two.  

I have had a few annoying issues with baby 3.  For some reason I have to get up in the middle of the night and use the restroom... like 3 times!!!  I have never had this problem and I hope it goes away.  It's not good to be sleepy beyond belief and then get woke up to go potty. 

 I am really into peanut butter, which it typical for me.  I like that it coats my tummy and keeps me from being super sick. 

 I have also been sick in the middle of the night.  I am keeping saltines by my bed and eating them when I get up to use the bathroom because I am sick even at night.  

This has certainly been different from the other two pregnancies.  I am ready to move past the first trimester and enjoy the energy that everyone always says accompanies the second trimester.  



  1. So cute and tiny!! I hope it gets better for you! If it makes you feel any better, I am 17 weeks pregnant and have had to get up and go pee during the night since about four weeks and as soon as I get back in bed, I immediately feel like I need to go again, and do. Very annoying!

  2. Hope things continue to get better for you! I'm dealing with having to go to the bathroom all night long too, so annoying! Guess it's God's way of preparing us for those middle of the night feedings when baby comes. :)

  3. New follower, and I love your sweet little baby bump! Hope the 2nd trimester carries those sick moments away!

  4. I hope you get better! I kept looking forward to the energy of the 2nd trimester with baby #3 and it did not come until the end of the 3rd trimester!

  5. You're so cute! I'm expecting #2 in June and had the all day/ all night sickness this time around too. Not fun! I hope it goes away soon for you!

    New Follower :)

  6. I am a new follower of you through the Wiegands link up. I remember the morning/day/night sickness all too well! Beautiful pic :)

    Lauren Rebecca

  7. Found you through Casey Wiegand's link up :) Great picture of with your cute baby bump!!! Do you keep gingerale by your bed as well? I don't know why, but the combo of gingerale and saltines really helped me with morning/night sickness!

    I'm looking forward to future postings and pictures! :)

  8. What an adorable pic momma, and for #3 you're tiny!!:)

  9. great pics! hope the sickness fades!

  10. New from Casey's page. Congrats on baby # 3! You make a beautiful pregnant woman!

  11. Ummm WHY do I look like I have swallowed a basketball and you are still teeny tiny?! LOL! My belly is sooo bug and round already... got any tips?! LOL! You look great! Hope you start feeling better soon! I am still taking Zofran for the morning sickness... blaaah!