Becoming a Man

Liam watched Mark shave one morning and decided he'd like to have a go at it.  
This is how it turned out...

I can't help but giggle when I see these.  I also want to kiss that adorable, chubby belly.    



  1. He has the cutest belly like my Olivia does!! Boys are so different, I can't wait to see what Luke does as he gets to be little Liam's age. How are you feeling??

  2. These pictures are so cute! He is so serious! I love it. :)


  3. Oh my, this post makes me smile! Your son is such a cutie and I love those chubby cheeks!
    They want to grow up so fast.

  4. these pictures as so precious ...too cute :)

  5. The belly is to die for! My little Lulu has quite a muffin top herself and I just think it is the most beautiful thing EVER.
    Visit me sometime!

  6. Oh goodness! Can that baby belly get any more precious?! Your children are beautiful!

    Also, thank you for being so open and honest about your faith. I love seeing other Christ followers in this blog world. I feel encouraged:) Thank you for that!

    xo Taylor

  7. Just discovered your blog! Your family is bea-u-ti-ful and these photos are so sweet! My little brother would do this when he was a little guy :) I will be following along!