I have been cranking out the baking like crazy lately.
I was taking a nap almost every day during the first (and part of the second) trimester.
I finally began to feel better and set a goal of only two naps/ week for awhile.
It has felt sooooo good to be productive and have a clean home and food on the table during the day.

Ella had been asking for blueberry muffins for awhile now, so I decided to oblige.

I made: 
homemade cinnamon swirl bread (with freshly milled flour),
zucchini muffins,
blueberry muffins,

chocolate chip muffins, &

We ate some and I froze some for later.  They are yummy!!!
If you are interested in making any of my bread recipes, please know that they are pretty much fool proof and they aren't hard to accomplish.  I'm not a baker by nature (more of a cook), and I have had success with each recipe every time I have attempted them. 


PS.  Baby bump update and ultrasound pics coming soon!!!

16 week {update}

I have been feeling much better this week.  I am definitely growing, but that is good... right?

It is nice to be nearing the half-way mark.  I have to keep my mind set on little goals, instead of the final date.  When I think of August, it seems like an eternity away, but thinking about the 20 week mark seems like a goal I can reach.  

At my last appointment a few weeks ago the doctor told me I could lay off testing my blood sugars because my numbers had been so good.  This is a huge blessing.  We also got our 20 week ultrasound scheduled and I am totally stoked about getting to see the baby.  

I am napping less often and finally feel like I'm being more productive.  The kids and I have been having a great time hanging out and talking about "Humphrey" (that is what Ella has named the baby).  

A few milestones:

I am feeling the baby move and kick around.
My belly is really growing.
He/she is about the size of a lemon/avocado.