Liam's 2 Year Pics {milestone}

Do you see that handsome boy down there?  
You know, the one that loves to cuddle and snuggle with his bedtime bear.
He's the most special little boy in my life... 
and he's officially two years old!

I decided I had better get his milestone pictures taken since he's already 2 years and 1 month old.
I took some in our front yard and some at an old grain elevator that Mark used to spend a lot of time at as a boy.  I'm such an amateur, but I try.

He did so great and gave me his signature, cheesy smile when I asked for it.
It is so much easier to take pics myself when I know my kids are in good moods, rather than schedule an appointment and hope they perform for a complete stranger.

He's two... and I'm in disbelief.


Baby's Room

I have been trying to decide what avenue I want to go as far as decorating the baby's room.
I will need to go neutral since we don't know what we're having, but I still want it to 
be cute and something that isn't overwhelming.

I found a few options that I'm intrigued by and I think they would be good choices for whenever the child transitions out of "babyhood" or when we move the baby into another room and use the nursery for another purpose.
Baby room
I love the calm colors and when the baby is born I can either add pink for a girl, or blue for a boy.
Baby room
Even though there is already a lot of blue in this room, I can easily see adding some feminine touches and this being a girl's room... if, in fact, baby 3 is a girl. 
baby room
This is such a sweet printout and gives so many options for pops of color in the room.
Big sign over changing table
I totally dig the idea of a large, custom sign over the changing table.  I don't know that this is the quote I would choose, but it's such a statement piece and would be cheap to recreate.
I'm still searching for ideas, but I have a good start and am excited to get working on the room.  But, first I need the hubs to finish the basement so I can move Ella and Liam out of the nursery and into their new rooms downstairs.  Ella is so excited and ready for a big bed.  It's time to retire the toddler bed. :)


They love... play together.  
Ella always wants Liam to play with her and I think it is so sweet.

Liam kept wanting "More, More" when she would turn away to put the stickers in the drawer.

He's creating a new look... I think it may catch on.

 And, of course the toothy-grin.  Gotta love it!

I'm sure it won't always be this way, but a mommy can dream. 


Baby #3 {ultrasound}

I know it doesn't mean very much to random people to look at an ultrasound picture, but until August gets here it's all I have to know what my sweet baby looks like.
At the appt. a few weeks ago baby Humphrey was developing right on target and everything looked perfect.

Ella really loved getting to see her baby and she is sure that it is a girl.  I guess time will tell.

All we really care about is that he/she is a healthy baby.
The excitement on the day of delivery is out of this world... the anticipation of finally getting to 
know what gender the little baby is that has been nesting for 9 months. 

Now I'm just praying for continued health and that he/she will find himself head down and ready for delivery in August.  


Quiet Moments

I found Ella rocking her pets to sleep the other day... dressed all fancy.
It melted my heart to hear her sing Praise and Worship songs to her pets to lull them to rest.

The first pic was a surprise shot... the rest she knew were being taken.

Every good mom needs a sweet pair of heels! 

In the quiet moments I sometimes find the sweetest things.

Liam's Birthday {The Big 2}

Welcome to Liam's Doughnut Shop!

For Liam's 2nd birthday I did a doughnut theme in different shades of blue.
I wanted to do something different and I decided that since he was two he wouldn't care if he didn't have cake.  The party was simple, fun and perfect for a little 2 year old.

I kept it really simple this year.  I wanted to be careful with money since it's sooo easy to spend a ton of moo-la on birthday parties.  

His birthday doughnut (he ate some of this one and then wanted one with sprinkles... don't judge- he's the birthday boy!!!).

My sweet little boy... soon to be a BIG brother!

This is Liam's signature "toothy grin."

Easter 2012 {recap}

Easter weekend was full of fun, family, and food.  
We started the weekend out by going to Kaleidoscope for the kids.
They all had a blast creating things and painting with the melted crayons in the black light room.

Silly faces from Jax and Ella

Liam's picture perfect smile.

We did the traditional egg dying and then I hosted an Easter Treasure Hunt.

 This waiting on eggs to be colored is for the birds...

Easter morning the kids found their baskets and looked at their goodies before hunting their eggs.

We attending a lovely church service and had lunch with my family at my parents' home.

Baby Humphrey at 21 weeks... and growing!

I hope you had a wonderful Easter.  Everything we did was fun and exciting, but nothing is as exciting as an empty tomb!


20 weeks {update}

Here we are... beginning our downward descent.  
I am more than excited to have this baby in my arms.  
I feel him/her moving all. the. time.
We get to go see the baby tomorrow and I super excited to see the kids' reaction when they see "Humphrey"(the baby's name while in utero... compliments of Ella).

I wasn't showing that much, and then I got the flu. 
We're talking BAD.  I lost over 5 lbs within 24 hours and I'm pretty sure Mark was about ready to ship me to the ER.  I was so weak and could barely muster enough energy to open my eyes and look at him when he talked to me.  
I am much better now and have gained my 5 lbs that I lost while sick.

At my last appt. (one week ago), I hadn't gained any weight, but I'm pretty sure I have in the last week.
I tend to not gain any weight until around the 5th month and then I gain 5 lbs in that one month.  
It's always shocking to me when I step on the scale, but I have to realize I AM going to gain some weight.
Hello, growin' a baby in here!

Here's to a productive and exciting end of my second trimester!!!

XX~ Liz