20 weeks {update}

Here we are... beginning our downward descent.  
I am more than excited to have this baby in my arms.  
I feel him/her moving all. the. time.
We get to go see the baby tomorrow and I super excited to see the kids' reaction when they see "Humphrey"(the baby's name while in utero... compliments of Ella).

I wasn't showing that much, and then I got the flu. 
We're talking BAD.  I lost over 5 lbs within 24 hours and I'm pretty sure Mark was about ready to ship me to the ER.  I was so weak and could barely muster enough energy to open my eyes and look at him when he talked to me.  
I am much better now and have gained my 5 lbs that I lost while sick.

At my last appt. (one week ago), I hadn't gained any weight, but I'm pretty sure I have in the last week.
I tend to not gain any weight until around the 5th month and then I gain 5 lbs in that one month.  
It's always shocking to me when I step on the scale, but I have to realize I AM going to gain some weight.
Hello, growin' a baby in here!

Here's to a productive and exciting end of my second trimester!!!

XX~ Liz


  1. that is a GORGEOUS photo of you!!
    I can't believe your bump is still (fairly) small considering it's your third.
    Maybe thats coming from my third baby showing at 8 weeks, but he was nearly 10lbs. WOAH.
    Glad you are feeling better. Having the flu while being pregnant is the worst.
    YAY 2nd trimester!! enjoy it!

  2. You look beautiful! Can't wait to see that baby!

  3. Great photo! Stopping by from women living well link up...really cute kiddos!