Baby #3 {ultrasound}

I know it doesn't mean very much to random people to look at an ultrasound picture, but until August gets here it's all I have to know what my sweet baby looks like.
At the appt. a few weeks ago baby Humphrey was developing right on target and everything looked perfect.

Ella really loved getting to see her baby and she is sure that it is a girl.  I guess time will tell.

All we really care about is that he/she is a healthy baby.
The excitement on the day of delivery is out of this world... the anticipation of finally getting to 
know what gender the little baby is that has been nesting for 9 months. 

Now I'm just praying for continued health and that he/she will find himself head down and ready for delivery in August.  



  1. omgoodness, congratulations! #3 is so special.. you kinda
    know what to expect.. but then you find out that you really
    don't know as much as you thought you did lol :)
    i'm so excited for you!

  2. Will continue to pray for you and the baby that the remainder of time until August will go by smoothly!
    Also praying for healthy baby & mommy.... one of the small things some take for granted!!
    So happy that you guys will be welcoming #3 :)