Liam's 2 Year Pics {milestone}

Do you see that handsome boy down there?  
You know, the one that loves to cuddle and snuggle with his bedtime bear.
He's the most special little boy in my life... 
and he's officially two years old!

I decided I had better get his milestone pictures taken since he's already 2 years and 1 month old.
I took some in our front yard and some at an old grain elevator that Mark used to spend a lot of time at as a boy.  I'm such an amateur, but I try.

He did so great and gave me his signature, cheesy smile when I asked for it.
It is so much easier to take pics myself when I know my kids are in good moods, rather than schedule an appointment and hope they perform for a complete stranger.

He's two... and I'm in disbelief.