Liam's Birthday {The Big 2}

Welcome to Liam's Doughnut Shop!

For Liam's 2nd birthday I did a doughnut theme in different shades of blue.
I wanted to do something different and I decided that since he was two he wouldn't care if he didn't have cake.  The party was simple, fun and perfect for a little 2 year old.

I kept it really simple this year.  I wanted to be careful with money since it's sooo easy to spend a ton of moo-la on birthday parties.  

His birthday doughnut (he ate some of this one and then wanted one with sprinkles... don't judge- he's the birthday boy!!!).

My sweet little boy... soon to be a BIG brother!

This is Liam's signature "toothy grin."


  1. Aw happy birthday to Liam!!! I love the donut theme :)

  2. What a cute birthday! I love the donuts idea!

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