Baby Mobile {DIY}

Remember this paper I showed you in a previous post?  

Well, I made it into a baby mobile.  I loved the one I found on Pinterest and decided that was what I wanted to make for the baby.  It is hanging off of the fan in the nursery right now, but will soon be put in place when the big kids get moved out of the room.  We also need to paint the pink in the room a soft white.

I love the colors and geometric-ness (totally not a word- I know) that is has.

I can't wait to get it fastened to the ceiling and hanging over the crib.  It will look so sweet.


This is the link I used to make my mobile.


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  1. Hi Liz!
    Your mobile turned out great :) Did you use wooden knitting needles to make the hanger? Maybe not...hard to tell from the pic...but anyway, it looks so cute!! Thanks for linking back to my tutorial :)