Baby Room Decor

Now that I've narrowed down the color scheme I'm wanting the baby's room to be, I'm on to finding the finishing details.  Am I going to have time to complete it before baby arrives?  That, I am pretty sure is a negative, but never the less I'm going to search for inspiration.  

This is my photo inspiration for the room.  I love the airy, bright feel it has while also being soothing. 
It is also gender neutral which is a must since we don't know what we're having (although I have had 5 dreams and the baby was the same gender in each dream... we'll see.)

Baby room

I'm really wanting the room to be simple with splashes of color and texture here and there.  These are some of my top contenders to help me accomplish the look I'm going for.  You can see all my baby room ideas on my Pinterest board.  


I love these pinwheel spheres.  They are unique and colorful without being obnoxious.  
wall decor

I'm totally smitten by all the adorable baby buntings that are out there.  This one is gender neutral and simple.
adorable nursery with bunting

How fun is this mobile?  I saw it and absolutely loved how different it was from all the other mobiles I've seen.
Unique mobiles for nursery

And, then there's this precious mobile.  I love pinwheels and I this this would look so lovely hanging over a crib.  I could easily fall asleep watching this spin... not that I'm the one that will be in the crib, but you know what I mean.
pinwheel mobile for nursery

I hope y'all have a great day!  We're staying home doing schoolwork, playing with toys, and trying to get prepared for our little one to arrive in 9 weeks!!!  It's all so overwhelming and exciting at the same time.


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  1. very few important things as i summerize will start with
    Wall Decoration
    The first and foremost of all in design is the painting in your kid’s room. Make the room painting children-friendly. Suppose if the paint of the room is already decided and painted, with no worries you can opt for interesting wall papers and wall decals. Choose a zest filled wall paper or wall decals for your kid’s room. The cost of the wall decoration will not exceed INR 3000!!!

    Cots & Cribs
    What is next to wall decoration will be the cot, bed or crib selection. Before buying a cot or crib, bear the following in mind:
    1. How many kids are going to share the room?
    2. The age of your children.
    3. The gender – this is to determine the color and preferences of the kid.
    4. How spacious is the room?
    As you decide the above all, you will be able to choose the best cot or crib for your children. If the children are above 5 years of age, its time you replace their toddler cots with children cot and bed. If the place is very limited inside the room, and when the room is for two or more kids to share, you can opt for bunk beds or twin beds. However the cost of cots and cribs ranges between Rs. 4000 – Rs. 12, 000 based on your preferences.

    Do not forget to pay equal attention to the furniture you use for your kid’s room. It is essential to have a study table, wardrobe, and other furniture essential for the storage of their belongings. If the room is for kids below 10 years of age, consider their age and get storage furniture that are not so tall with racks located in height that is impossible or difficult for the children to reach.

    Kid’s room designing also includes adding some interesting furnishings to the space. Include some colorful bean bags, chairs, pouffes, cushions, bolsters etc to the kids room. Furnishing is not only to ensure that the kid feels cozy but also it is a cost-effective way to decorate your kid’s room.