Expecting Sister-in-laws

My sister-in-law (Mark's brother's wife) and I are both expecting within a month of one another.  We decided since I'm really showing now that we needed to get a picture of our bumps.  It's interesting to see how differently we carry our little ones.  Although, keep in mind that I have over eight pound babies and she has six/seven pound babies.  Either way, they are cute and oh, so easy to love.

Mark wanted to get an "over the belly shot".  He thinks he's some sort of photo genius.  I'll just let him think that. 

Hopefully, I will have some basement photos to show you soon.  We are in the process of painting doors, sanding and painting trim, and putting the finishing touches on the walls (can you say... Man, you have a lot left to do?).  None of that seems photo worthy, so I'll show you when the process is a little further along.  Less than ten weeks before the baby arrives!!!!  Eek!



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  2. oh my goodness! You two look so adorable pregnant! Love it! My best friend and I had due dates about a month apart and we ended up having our babies within two days of eachother. :-)

  3. Don't y'all look cute! You both have the same smile.