Life As We Know It

We have been spending a lot of time at home lately.  With Mark and me putting time into finishing the basement (as of right now, we only have two finished bedrooms... we need more for our family of five), there hasn't been much time leftover to go do things during the day.

I am so blessed that my kids love each other.  They don't need to have play dates all the time... they play with one another.  I know it might not always be this way, but I pray that they always enjoy and love one another.  I think prayer and how I teach them to interact with each other will really impact that relationship.

Not only do we have a basement to finish (as if that weren't enough), but I have a ton of freezer cooking to do and newborn items to wash before this little one makes his/her debut.  I can't even make a list or I might go crazy... one day at a time.


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  1. They look so precious laughing and smiling together!