Life As We Know It...

Liam and Ella play "house" quite often.  Liam is the baby, Ella is the mommy, and I'm the pregnant Grandma.  
Lucky me!!!

I heard her singing to her "baby" the other day and telling him to go to sleep.
This is how I found them. 

 I'm pretty sure no matter how cute that little face is, it's not supposed to be in the doll bed.
I believe I read somewhere that 35 pound little monkeys were to remain outside of the doll bed.

 But, I didn't want to interrupt their fun.
I love watching them play together and I really couldn't care less if the bed broke while they were enjoying one another's company.

I'm also sure I can buy another one if need be.




  1. Oh em gee. This is tooooooo cute!!!

  2. I find my own doing this occasionally and never try to interfere on their fun. It's rare moments that they aren't fighting these days, so when they get lost in their own world I find it amusing.
    Your kiddos are adorable!