Memorial Day

Memorial Day tradition:

Visit Grandpa Tommy and "decorate" his stone with sticks, rocks, junk, and dead flowers/weeds.  

Play outside...
this year we made it a water afternoon.  The kids splashed in the giant aquatic center pool, slid on the slip and slide, and got shot by Mark with the water gun. 

I decided I needed to have a pic with my bump for archiving purposes.  I refuse to buy a maternity suit, so I'm constantly tugging at my tankini top (sorta along the lines of Gus on Cinderella, whose top kept rolling up to his chin because it didn't fit his rather plump belly... but, the mouse made it work and so will I!), but I'm going to pocket the $50 I would spend on a new suit and just suck it up.

BBQ... I didn't think you needed a picture of our traditional hamburgers and hot dogs... use your imagination, folks.


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  1. omgosh!
    how fun!!!
    they look like they are having SO much fun too!!!

    ps. i am having a giveaway if you would like to participate :)